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Property Law Services
The Shepperson Property Law Department attends to the registration of property developments in South Africa, irrespective of size or complexity. Our holistic service embraces all aspects and phases of a development, including the opening and registration of sectional title registers, the registration and proclamation of townships, as well as the registration of subdivisions, consolidations and servitudes.

We assist Developers and Purchasers in all aspects of the transfer process, from acquisition of land for development, through whatever subdivisions and consolidations may be required. Our service includes attending to the registration of transfers and bonds of the individual units or even to ensure that all aspects of a transfer are completed efficiently and effectively, we liaise closely with project managers, architects, builders, town planners, surveyors, local councils, the Surveyor General’s office, mortgage originators and SARS.

Gareth’s Blog known as SHEPPERSON’S FIRST LAW is an industry leader in the provision of Property related news, thoughts and advice.  The Blog is read by over 4,000 readers a month.
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We are mainly called on to handle the transfer of immovable property and we attend to all conveyancing functions to achieve registration. In the best interest of all stakeholders, we endeavour to expedite the transfer process as smoothly as possible by proactively visiting the relevant role players and communicating comprehensive weekly updates to all parties.
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Property Development
Our legal services on property development reflect the Shepperson team’s extensive experience and familiarity with the complexity of today’s South African legislation. We are able to offer sound advice to best suit the needs of clients. Shepperson Attorneys can assist with drafting any form of property related agreement, such as agreements of sale, Township Proclamation, opening of Sectional Title Schemes, due diligence investigations, Sub-divisions and Consolidations of Land, joint venture agreements, sale and lease back agreements.
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Environmental Law
Environmental compliance is becoming an increasingly important and challenging aspect of property development with the recent introduction of wide-ranging environmental legislation. Shepperson’s experts will provide advice on the ramifications of the pertinent government Acts and assist with developing compliance procedures.
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Green Building
The exciting green building trend in property development can transform long-term investment prospects. Our property development team helps clients to identify risks and realise the full benefits of green building.
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Planning Law
No amount of legislation has impacted upon the property industry in recent years as much as Town Planning law. From the myriad of Town Planning Ordinances, through the demise of the Development Facilitation Act (DFA) to the promulgation of SPLUMA, the Town Planning landscape has experienced titanic shifts that have adversely affected numerous property developers. We assist with Planning Law, Zoning, Restrictive Title Conditions, appearing before Tribunals and providing our clients with the most up to date information on legislation and potential pitfalls.
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Landlord and Tenant
One of the most common areas of dispute centres on landlord and tenant relationships. We advise on the drafting of suitable agreements that minimise the potential for disputes. In the event of a dispute arising we can assist both parties to reach workable and preferably amicable resolution of the problem.  Gareth’s position on the SAPOA Legal Committee affords him a seat at the table with the legal advisors of all of South Africa’s biggest landlords, which places us uniquely on the inside track when it comes to Landlord and Tenant law.
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